Shin Alexandre Koseki
PhD, MArch



  • Deep Edge

    Data Empowerment in Ecological Participatory Democratic Governance


    In making cities more sustainable and just, citizens might have the answer, and robots may help

  • Happened

    Designing in Historical Urban Landscapes Using Visual Archives


    Where AI meets art history, the post-covid city might just appear

  • Pegasus

    Participatory Engagement in the Governance of AI for Sustainable Urban System


    Battling for sustainability, citizen science opens up to trustable AI systems

  • PSPL Lausanne

    Public Space Public Life Lausanne


    In improving its public spaces, Lausanne finds a new concern in the wellbeing of its inhabitants

  • Seeds

    Spaces for Educational Success


    France is changing its education system, this time for the best

  • Suds

    Spatial Unfolding of Democratic Systems


    How mapping political diversity in and around cities might just save democracy from political polarisation