Shin Alexandre Koseki
PhD, MArch



Project launch

Initiating 'DaVinci', a dataViz challenge inceptor

12 May 2020 - Lausanne

Data visualization is a powerful way to valorize scientific outputs and establish collaborative dialogue with the public. Data visualization challenges are increasingly popular within organizations, companies, and schools where they provide an effective way to teach learners of all age about creativity, digital literacy, project management and science. Organizing a good challenge requires, however, a lot of conceptual and technical efforts, coordination and understanding of data and visualization. To this end, so-called “visualization pipelines” offers a support to develop data visualization projects. This digital infrastructure does not, however, provide cues and clues to invite, gather, combine, display and diffuse various data visualization projects.

DaVinci takes a step in that direction and provides an open digital infrastructure to organize and publish data visualization challenges. DaVinci includes functionalities to launch the call for data visualization projects, communicate with project owners, attribute single object identifiers to each project, redirect information towards owners contact information and online presence, and display projects in an interactive interface. Additionally, DaVinci performs basic local analyses of data visualization projects on dominant colors, dominant shapes, themes, format, etc. Scalable and inter-operable in nature, DaVinci makes the organization of data visualization challenge easy, and opens to new ways of communicating, presenting and teaching about scientific knowledge and skills.