Shin Alexandre Koseki
PhD, MArch



Distinguish visitor

Marta Gonzalez at AI and Cities

28 Jan 2020 - Lausanne

Predicting where and when people travel is a difficult task that could help reduce the impact of transportation on climate change and increase sustainability across urban systems. Over the past few years, computational Social Science and transportation engineering have developed many tools to simulate large-scale travel. These simulations serve to plan transportation network and orient urban development. To this end, researchers increasingly rely on data they derive from social media applications and mobile phone usage. Yet, if we want urban models of where, when and how people choose to travel, we need representative sample of the entire population and the complete location of each individual.

At the end of January, we welcomed UC Berkeley Professor Marta Gonzalez, pioneer of large scale mobile phone data analysis. While with us, Marta discussed the use of big data and new computational method to model and predict people transportation behavior across urban systems.