Shin Alexandre Koseki
PhD, MArch



Collaborative workshop

To improve spatial quality and sustainabilty, we create digital standards

11 Jun 2020 - Oxford

References to public space lack of international identification standards that would increase their quality and sustainability. In many fields, identification standards provide efficient and permanent protocols to describe objects, events and locations. These combine tools such as unique identifiers, data ontologies and format specifications. Following the “Data FAIR principles,” the tools can easily be integrated to a permanent and publicly accessible digital infrastructure. Here, we propose to establish a data standard for public space that would facilitate transdisciplinary collaboration and citizen participation to the design and planning process. The resulting standard follows “FAIR data principles” and subscribe to Data FairSharing platform. It provides a canvas to make public space data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for practitioners and researchers, increasing the possibility for building better public space based on citizens’ aspirations.