Shin Alexandre Koseki
PhD, MArch



Collaborative workshop

AI Trust at IEEE

08 May 2020 - New York City / Online

As artificial intelligence systems become omnipresent, we must make sure that the technology is trustworthy. Depending on how and who makes them, AI systems can lead to more bias and discrimination. In order to mitigate this risk, international standards make technology more transparent and accountable to the public. They also help raise awareness of the authorities on the importance to develop sustainable socio-technical systems. Today, our group of experts on digitization, ethics and society discussed actionable actions to define such international standard for the governance of AI systems. We shared insights on participatory approach, data ethics, cross-cultural values and aspirations. We want to depart from people, their views, their understanding and their values. We want to know who, they think, should develop AI systems and how. The meeting marked the first session of AI Synergy Committe, a IEEE initiative on the ethics of AI systems. The Trust Chronicles should define an international standard for the governance of AI systems’ sustainable development and application.